Couch Basalt 32x60x32 benches





Dubai 2020 -  alt view

Dubai 2020 - back view

Dubai 2020 basalt 20x4x5 fantasy

Galileo 2020 - detail

Galileo 2020 Basalt Goldleaf 7x12x5

Green River Spirit River Stone 4x8x6 abstract

Green Tango Brucite 11x7x3 abstract

Holy Mother Calcite 18x12x10 abstract

House Basalt 12x7x4 fantasy

Into The Orange Calcite 15x10x10 fantasy

Morgain Basalt 72x32x12 abstract

Out of Africa - detail

Out of Africa Basalt 20x6x6

Radiotorre Basalt 16x5x3  abstract

Secret Language_nature_basalt_76x18x8

Secret Language_nature_detail

Stepping Out Basalt 20x6x5

Stepping Out Detail 01

Stepping Out Detail 02

work in progress 01

work in progress 02

work in progress 03